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Zonta Club of Houston continues to support social justice and equality efforts across the United States and the world.  In the interest of furthering awareness, education, and important conversations to effect meaningful change, ZCH has compiled and posted resources for our members and the public.  The resources can be found under Advocacy or by following the attached links.

Social Justice - Expanding Understanding - Books
Social Justice - Expanding Understanding - Podcasts
Social Justice - Expanding Understanding - Community Organizations

International Peace Day is September 21st.  Zonta Club of Houston (ZCH) and its members fully support all efforts to achieve peace across the world.


September 21 each year is the globally shared date the UN has designated as a day for humanity to come together to commit to peace and to cultivate the culture of peace together. 


In these troubled times of pandemic, economic problems and of racial and political turmoil in the US, it is perhaps a very good time for citizens to pause to think about what “peace” really means today. 


For additional information about International Peace Day, please follow the link:


Some thoughts from ZCH members:

The first thing that comes to mind is the peace of mind that I have from being healthy. The second thing that contributed to peace for me personally, that I didn’t really appreciate until Covid-19 changed it, was having an open border between Canada and the US. As for global peace, a huge goal is no more refugees having to flee their homelands, and more equitable living conditions around the world. The New York Times magazine devoted its entire publication two weeks ago to the increasing severe hunger problem in the US. Unacceptable. This, at least, we could fix” – Linda M.


“After a few moments of asking myself what feelings/words come to mind when I think of peace, my first response was” harmony,” then “understanding,” then “forgiveness”, then “grace.” After that serious contemplation, my aberrant mind immediately kicked in with the bumper sticker we used to see in the 90’s that said “ENVISION WHIRLED PEAS”.  Sadly, that sarcasm is still forefront in the world today.” – Mary


Peace to me means non-violence.  Warring factions lay down their arms and strive to understand each other, respect each other, and understand and respect each other’s differences.   Peace in our country is understanding each other's differences and respecting those differences of opinion and philosophies.  Peace within ourselves comes from respecting each other and showing compassion and understanding. There is no room for hate when there is peace." - Linda L.


Without inner peace, no individual can thrive and without general peace, no society can survive.” – Pam

“To be able to respectfully disagree and to find a livable compromise; people being able to live together in this way.  There can’t be a lasting peace without justice, so that is a requirement for peace as well." - Suzanne

“Peace for me is living without fear of violence or discrimination for all minorities in this country." - Lolis

“Peace means more than the absence of turbulence, turmoil, or friction.  Peace is more than tranquility.  It is the presence of calm within one’s self; the calm approach to differences, and the sharing of calm with others." - Mary Ann

Zonta Club of Houston highlights and celebrates International Literacy Day.

International Literacy Day takes place every year on September 8th to raise awareness and concern for literacy problems that exist within our own communities as well as globally.  International Literacy Day is "to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights" ~UNESCO

Please see the attached links for commerations and local efforts to promote literacy.

A Celebration of Reading 2020 — Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation


Zonta Club of Houston (ZCH) is part of Zonta International which was founded in 1919 in Buffalo, NY.  Today, Zonta International is a global organization of over 29,000 members in approximately 1,200 Zonta clubs in more than 60 countries.  See Zonta History for more information.

Mission:  Zonta International is a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service and advocacy.

Vision: Zonta International envisions a world in which women's rights are recognized as human rights and every woman is able to achieve her full potential.  In such a world, women have access to all resources and are represented in decision making positions on an equal basis with men.  In such a world, no woman lives in fear of violence.


ZCH also has a 501(c)(3) organization: the ZCHECF.  The fund's primary purpose is to provide scholarships and fund service projects that advance the status of women in the greater Houston area as well as globally through contributions to the Zonta International Foundation (ZIF).  For more information on our local service projects, scholarships and advocacy, please see "What We Do" on the menu bar.

If you share our purpose and our activities interest you, we would like to meet you!  See below for our Upcoming Events and Meetings. 




Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 6pm CT - Zoom Meeting

Agendas, along with program information, will be sent prior to meeting date.  

Due to the current situation, we will continue to conduct our monthly meetings via Zoom.  You will receive instructions from Monica de la Cerda and the agendas from Mary Quinn. 


Here is a link to our current Newsletter!  July_August


Zonta Club of Houston Educational & Charitable Fund (ZCHECF)


While our organization continues to support service organizations and provide funding to our scholarships, in person fundraising events have been put on hold due to coronavirus concerns. If you would like to contribute to the Zonta Club of Houston Educational and Charitable Fund, please contact Linda Licarione at